week one of spring training is over. still in denial that I am going into my third year in the NFL. how fast its gone by is unreal, and its been a hell of a ride. nonetheless, there is nothing else I’d rather be doing. the first week had its typical tribulations, body being sore, hand eye coordination being a little off, but I got it right back within that first week. I’m stronger than ever and the people around me notice it. I don’t believe in searching for affirmation but hell when its mentioned a few times I won’t say it doesn’t put a pep in my step.

this time of year is my favorite time of year, other than opening day of the season. a lot of new faces surround me, and more will come with the draft coming up soon, and I embrace the new blood and can’t wait to compete. every day I get an opportunity to show my worth is day I won’t let pass me by. during this time I’m focusing on short term goals, such as weight and speed. come june 16th I will be bigger, faster, and stronger than i’ve ever been, leaving a nice foundation to start year three.


One thought on “Part III

  1. Well said young warrior! This is YOUR time… YOUR moment! You will continue to grow and build on the 2 year foundation you have built. No one has EVER given you anything… you have Earned your position in life! Keep grinding and putting in work. It’s your time to SHINE!! Very Proud of You! Dad

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