About Us

Meet Tre McBride:

My name is Douglas McArthur McBride, known as Tre. Graduate of the College of William and Mary with a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology and Health Sciences. Former Tribe football standout receiver and current Wide Receiver for the Tennessee Titans. I believe in life and taking advantage of the beauties it has to offer. I believe in excellence and striving for it in all aspects of life. I believe in time and its non-renewable characteristics igniting a fire in my core and producing a sense of urgency to get one step closer to being better than the rest. I believe that moderation is for cowards and anything worth doing is worth overdoing. I believe in strong relationships with few people. There is no cap on knowledge and I will always be hungry for more. Books bring me life and nature brings me happiness. I had never been able to describe this lifestyle until now. Flo.

Meet Sean Ballard:

My name is Sean Ballard. Texas native. The first thing you MUST know about me; I’m obsessed with efficiency. Every single thing that I do, I want to be seamless. No time wasted. It’s an innate quality. This gravitated me towards the field of Economics at the College of William & Mary, where I played WR #83 for the Tribe. Running concurrently with my obsession for efficiency is my love for VALUE. These two combined create optimal results, and can often lead to unconventional actions/ideas that challenge some of the flawed orthodoxy of our society. With these principles at my core, I am striving to be the best human being I can possibly be. And a prerequisite for that, is Flo.

Meet Christian Reeves:

I am Christian Reeves. Born and raised just south of Atlanta in McDonough, GA. Intellectually, I am a lifelong learner and truth seeker and, physically, I am an athlete engaging in all kinds of movements and sports. I am a lover of books, traveling, and the outdoors . I believe that I am equal to the sum of my experiences, which is why I will continue building mine across all different walks of life in settings that span the globe. I believe that Flo is the most thrilling, heart-racing, face-tingling drug you will ever experience and I invite you to join me in my pursuit of the freshest life, and the freshest life only.

Meet Alexander:

I’m Alexander.

Southern born. Southern raised.

Deeply rooted in my values and beliefs.

Experiencing and creating art are my biggest passions. I believe in all forms of human expression and that there are no limits to dreams or imagination. I live my life through reoccurring moments of positivity and personal growth. Experiences, new and old, are everything to me. I believe in selfishness, but in selflessness more. Furthermore, I think that people do themselves a disservice every moment they don’t strive towards their goals because of *insert excuse here*. I believe that we should live the freshest life only, and it’s within each of our grasps if we just take a chance at living it.

“Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us.”

Choose wisely.



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